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The Way it Works.

About Us

Founded in 2020, Jobroad focuses on helping companies grow by finding top blue-collar workers from across Europe. We enable employers to tackle the shortage of workforce in multiple branches, including logistics, production, horticulture and HoReCa. Thanks to our background in HR, lean and data-science, we know how to help organizations engage, hire and retain motivated employees and make the hiring process more efficient along the way. Having processed tens of thousands of applications, we have all the tools & experience to ease the pains of attrition by providing the best possible matches.

Satisfaction of our candidates is the measure of our success.

Our Mission

By helping people find work abroad, we want to create a platform for effective communication between employees and employers.

Our Values

Feedback drives continuous improvement

Partnership based on mutual trust and respect

Ambition to set and achieve goals

Professionalism as a tool for progress

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